Our Leaders

Rev. Dr. Otis and Prophetess Joy-Linda Manning

Rev. Dr. Otis Manning is a visionary, entrepreneur, author, role-model, mentor, and a revelatory teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Rev. Manning has a zeal for Christ and the work of the Kingdom.  Baptized at the young age of 18, he started preaching two months after surrendering to the LORD.  He is an astute advocate of the Gospel and flows heavily in the prophetic, healing, deliverance, and miracle anointing with the Holy Spirit confirming him through numerous testimonies. 

Rev. Manning has a warm and charismatic personality and is often found engaging with people.  He is a man of wisdom and integrity, who has vowed to not compromise his walk with the LORD.  His life and visions are entrenched in the scripture, ‘If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believeth’ (Mark 9:23).

In December 2009, Rev. Manning submitted to the divine call to full-time ministry and in 2016 he along with his wife, First Lady Prophetess Joy-Linda Manning, founded God Family Ministries International (GFMI), a non-denominational and faith-based Church in Kingston, Jamaica.  He is the Lead Pastor and a Director of the Church with branches in Clarendon, St. James and New York.  The Church has a media reach spanning 25 countries delivered through Facebook, YouTube and television programs such as Mercy and Truth Ministries (MTM), Power of Faith Ministries, and The Word Network and broadcast on Television Jamaica Limited.

Rev. Dr. Otis and Prophetess Joy-Linda Manning have been married for 14 years and share a union blessed with three (3) sons. Prophetess Manning is her husband’s chief advocate and a warm-hearted woman of God.  With the encouragement of her devoted husband, she pursues her passions in the Ministry.  She is currently a Director and an Overseer of the dynamic women’s ministry, Praying Wives International and the GFMI/Heart Trust NTA Training Program.

As a unit, Rev. Dr. Otis and Prophetess Manning continually supports each other through their unwavering faith in God. They have a word for this generation and are very influential amongst all age groups especially youth and young adults alike. Their union and servanthood embody the organization’s vision in the wisdom that salvation is an individual call to the sonship of the LORD; the importance of family and a generational heritage rooted in the Word, to the Kingdom of God; and the call to be our brothers’ keeper as the ministry of God’s love for all.