About Us


God Family Ministries International (GFMI) is a non-denominational church based in Kingston, Jamaica. Founded by leaders, Rev. Dr. Otis and Prophetess Joy Manning, GFMI has been in operation since July 2016; we currently have three (3) branches island-wide (Kingston, Clarendon and St. James), and we also have an international branch in New York, USA.

The winning souls for the Kingdom of God is at the forefront of our mission and for the period January 2019 to October 2022, 1477 baptisms were reported at our Kingston branch. At GFMI, we aim to impact, liberate and change the lives of people through every possible medium; as such, our worship services are joined with our community outreach, school and street ministry projects. Everything we do is for His Glory as we continue to make God Family Ministries International a place you can call home.


To preach the Gospel to all the world; making disciples and showing forth the glory of the LORD upon the whole earth through his love and by his power.


An evangelical mission adhering to the great commission: impacting, changing and liberating the lives of persons through every possible medium.


Preach the Gospel through any and all-available mediums.

Foster a loving and a welcoming environment for all.

Impacting the globe with the power of God’s Love.

Making disciples, to walk in the same Spirit.

Raising new missions to carry out our core function.

Feed the poor, heal the sick and raise the dead.

Cast out demons and devils.